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Feb 15, 2022 | #insideneylux

Itzel is Senior Business Consultant at neylux. Today she shares some insights about her trip to Mexico and how working remotely looks like for her.

Why did you decide to work remotely from Mexico? 
I am from Mexico. So I wanted to visit my family, especially for the holidays. Also, it was very convenient to go because we have an office in Mexico City and this way I was able to welcome a new colleague who just started working at our Mexican location.

How does working remotely looks like for you?
It doesn’t really look different from working at home. I mean, of course there is the time difference to work around but other than that, it’s pretty much the same workwise. But I enjoy to travel and be in different places and therefore working remotely is a great opportunity to combine work and traveling. Last year I worked remotely from Stockholm, Holland and Hamburg.

How does neylux comply with employees working remotely?
neylux is very supportive of their employees to work remotely. Flexibility is a substantial value in the company culture which I appreciate a lot. Also, the company is growing and expanding to several countries as well. This creates great opportunities for the employees to work from different places.

Did you do something exciting while being abroad?
Yes, during my stay I visited a lot of exciting places for example Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Tequila (which is known as being the birthplace of the beverage Tequila), San Pancho, Xochimilco and Atlixco to visit the Cempasuchil camps for the day of the death.

What did you like most about your trip?
The trip to Xochimilco was a very unique experience. The area still has a lot of chinampas (floating gardens) to grow different kinds of corn and other vegetables. We got to know the full process of making tortillas from growing, harvesting and cooking which was really interesting. In the end we were able to try the food – it was delicious!

What are your impressions of working abroad during the current Covid-19 situation in Mexico?
In Mexico the people are very strict with complying with the regulations against Covid – for example they wear masks all the time to protect themselves and others. But even though the Mexican people are careful, you can sense that they are not scared of the virus anymore. They learned to adapt and live with it.
Compared to Germany, the big advantage there is the weather. It’s sunny and warm outside which allows restaurant and other establishments to extend to the outside. This brings more normality to the life.

Working remotely sounds exciting to you?

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