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neylux Compliance Manager

neylux Compliance Manager integrated in SAP FI-TV and SAP Concur

Integrate SAP Travel request or Concur Request / Concur Travel with SAP HCM statements by using our middleware, our A1-Manager, and our Visa Connector comprised in one product, the Compliance Manager. Enable a digital end-to-end process for your employees for legally required documents and confirmations for worldwide business trips.

Record trips in SAP or Concur Request / Concur Travel. Depending on system architecture, you can automatically transfer SAP Concur data from the cloud into your SAP system with our middleware and start the subsequent processing, like application for EU-reports, visa or A1-certification. With our compliance manager, your employees receive as FIORI self-service full control over all requests and their process status, as well as digital access to issued certifications.

neylux A1-Manager App

neylux A1-Manager integrated in SAP FI-TV and SAP Concur 

Integrate SAP travel request or Concur Request/Concur Travel with SAP HCM A1 statements by using our A1-Manager. Allow for a digital end-to-end process for A1-certifications for your employees without media break and with full control. 

Depending on the systemyou record your travel request in SAP or retrieve SAP Concur data with our middleware and directly start the subsequent processing, e.g. email dispatch and drafting A1-requests. With our A1-Manager your employee receives full transparency over all requests and their process status and access to A1-certification, as FIORI self-service. 

Employees without computer access profit from this process as wellPersonnel administrators can perform the A1-request for other employees too, easily and digitally. 

Of course, the A1-Manager is also usable as a stand-alone ESS service without integration into travel management. 

neylux Connector for SAP Concur

neylux Connector for SAP Concur integrates your processes

Integrate Concur Travel, Travel Request, or Expense with the business processes of your SAP system, by using our middleware. Expand travel processes with customer-specific subsequent processing in your SAP system. 

With our middleware, you can retrieve Concur travel data from the cloud and start additional processes in your SAP system. This can be f.exprocesses in the approval context, travel audit, plausibility checks, or SAP workflow. Numerous areas of application for your SAP system are conceivable, e.g. Reporting or SAP FI / CO / HCM. 

neylux Connector for DATEV

neylux Connector for DATEV integrates Concur accounting 

Integrate Concur Expense with DATEV without media break. With our middleware, accounting data for financial / payroll accounting can be directly read in DATEV. 

In the first step, the Concur booking entries are transformed into the DATEV form. Then the DATEV booking entries are sent to your financial accounting or to your external accounting firm – on request also with electronic receipt images from ConcurIf customerindividual adjustments should be necessarythen those can be configured fast and efficiently with our solution. 

neylux Connector for Visa provider

neylux VISA Connector integrated in SAP FI-TV and SAP Concur 

Integrate SAP travel request or Concur Request / Concur Travel with your visa provider by using our VISA Connector. Enable an end-to-end process for visa and EU reports for worldwide business trips of your employees. 

Record trips in SAP Travel Request or Concur Request / Concur Travel. With our middleware, you can retrieve SAP Concur data from the cloud into your SAP system and start subsequent processing, like requests for EU reports or visas. The travel data is transmitted to the corresponding service providers to apply for an EU report or a visa. They are processed there and the documents are then delivered to the traveler. 

SAP Concur BAdI Enhancement

SAP integration and extension with BAdls
Optimize your Concur processes with our practice-oriented BAdI solutions:

Consolidated expense posting
Consolidate posting lines to keep the number of posting lines for expense accounts as low as possible. This particularly facilitates the overview of those responsible for cost centres. There will be shown only one total amount for each billing.

Transmitting Concur Travel data (File Upload #350)
When using Concur Travel, it is required to transmit additional HR master data. This enables you to transfer master data to Concur quickly and effectively.

SAP Concur Split Posting

Documento Riepilogativo (Italy)
In Italy, it is necessary to post expense receipts through service vendors. Our solution covers this requirement throughout “Split Posting”.

Split Posting (Chile, Poland, Romania, Spain)
In Spain, it is required to post expense receipts through service vendors. Our solution covers this requirement through our “Split Posting”.

SAP Concur File Automation

For master data uploads it is possible to send files (such as File 305/350/700) to SAP Concur. For this purpose, we offer standardized SAP programs with integration into SAP CTE for each SAP Concur file format. These SAP programs can also be modified as a customer via enhancement. Additionally, we offer SAP programs for PGP encryption, SFTP file transfer, and SAP archiving.  

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