Out with Paper, In with Automation: A SAP Concur Podcast Conversation with neylux

Nov 23, 2021 | Webinars

For decades, paper reigned as a key component to workflow processes, including the approval system surrounding travel and expense management. But as the world grows increasingly digital, organizations are finding new delights in the power of automation to streamline processes and transform the approval workflow system.

Filled with the potential to create a triple win—reduce costs, save time, and boost employee wellbeing—automation is also key for organizations that are thinking strategically, setting up plans, and keeping compliance in mind when turning the switch to automate.

This was the topic of discussion between Jeanne Dion, Director of the Value Experience Group at SAP Concur, and Siegfried Krause, co-founder of neylux.

Here’s what he and Dion discussed regarding how automation is revitalizing and improving workflow processes:

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