neylux CFDi Connector now available in the SAP Concur App Center

Aug 3, 2022 | SAP Concur, Travel & Expense Tools

In Mexico it is mandatory for companies with annual revenues of over 250K pesos ($16K USD) to use a digital tax receipt called a CFDi (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet), which is an electronic invoice that immediately verifies the identity and tax eligibility of a document signee. This avoids fraud and saves time for the required validation.



The CFDI requirements are pretty complex which makes the process time-consuming and error-prone:


  • Specially formatted CFDi files must be used
  • Electronic signatures are required
  • Certificates for signing must be obtained by the SAT
  • All documents must be verified by an authorized certification provider (PAC)
  • Invoices created must be reported to the Mexican government within 72 hours

neylux CFDi Connector

Find more information about the neylux CFDi Connector in our OnePager.


The neylux CFDi Connector is a secure and easy integration that enables organization in the validations of digital XML receipts (e-Invoices) before expenses are posted into your financial system.



After submitting the expense report, the connector will validate each e-Invoice attached and provide the status of each receipt, whether it is a valid/invalid eInvoice. This action will enable the audit team to return the expense report and avoid fraud on invalid e-Invoices.



Find more information in the SAP Concur App Center or download our OnePager.

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