Theo Müller Group

neylux goes live with Theo Müller Group as its first CIP4Travel partner and its first Concur Travel implementation project


Integration of SAP Concur solutions (Concur Travel and Concur Expense), process optimization, process automation

„With neylux, we were able to bring our travel booking and settlement management to SAP Concur in Poland as quickly as possible and we are pleased to now be able to use SAP Concur there as well with a digital end-to-end process.“

– Matthias Giebelstein, Head of Group Processes & Projects at Theo Müller Group   


Number of users

Project duration (in months)

neylux’ first CIP4Travel


Concur Travel implementation project as first lead partner worldwide

As the first Concur implementation partner for Concur Travel worldwide (CIP4Travel), neylux GmbH implemented Concur Travel & Expense for the country version Poland at the existing customer Theo Müller Group within three months.

The neylux implementation of Concur Travel & Expense from a single source proved to be optimal for the Theo Müller Group, as it significantly reduces the need for coordination in Concur T&E projects. The entire travel booking process was simplified and optimized. As a result, employees in Poland can now book and invoice their travel end-to-end online via SAP Concur.

The scope of the implementation for Concur Travel included the assessment and classification of the existing travel policy into different rule classes. Overall, the configuration was based on the template already implemented for Germany and customized for specific requirements in Poland. For example, a pre-approval process was additionally created through the use of mandatory trip fields.

Thanks to the expertise on the part of neylux, as well as the excellent cooperation with the project team of the Theo Müller Group and the associated travel agency, the project was implemented smoothly and on time and budget. The first Concur Travel implementation at the Theo Müller Group with neylux as lead partner was successfully completed.

Industry                              Food industry

Product / Service              Dairy, Specialty foods and Services

Company HQ            Luxemburg

Number of employees        26.600

Production locations            19 (worldwide)



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