Digitalization project in travel management for an automated and paperless travel process in the cloud and an end-to-end A1-statement process


Integration of SAP Concur solutions (Concur Request, Concur Travel, and Concur Expense) and neylux tools with SAP ERP systems/process optimization and automation



neylux A1 Manager          neylux Concur Request Connector


„With the right tools as well as the knowledge and products of neylux, we have successfully mastered the digitization of our travel management.“

– Tina Rüdenauer, Head of HR Service & Travel Management at s.Oliver Group


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Project duration (in months)

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Three IT-solutions for travel management and paperless travel expense reporting

In a record time of eight months, neylux successfully completed a digitization project in the area of travel management at s.Oliver Group.

The project encompassed the integration of three SAP Concur solutions (Concur Request, Concur Travel and Concur Expense) with SAP ERP systems.

Two additional products, neylux Concur Request Connector, and neylux A1-Manager, were implemented. Through the combination of these applications, the German fashion brand has shifted the travel process into the cloud and is using a fully automated and paperless A1-statement process.

Previously, an internal travel service was responsible for travel planning. Hearing the wish of employees for more freedom of choice in mode of transportation and accommodation, s.Oliver decided to optimize their travel management.

Besides the process of digitization, the increasing regulation of business travel also drives innovation in travel management. With the neylux A1-Manager app, s.Oliver has automated and digitized the laborious and error-prone application process.




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Retail, Fashion

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Rottendorf, Germany

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You can read the full SAP Concur article here


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