Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Multidimensional thinking

As a global consulting firm, we are convinced that an inclusive corporate culture generates strength, creativity and innovation.

The diversity of our employees brings together different perspectives and opinions, which enrich the quality of our solutions. This has always been the case at neylux, which is why we have made it our goal to maintain and expand this diversity.

We value and encourage each individual with his or her individual qualities – because only as a team with multidimensional ways of thinking are we strong together and can deliver top performance.






Women in leadership positions

Feeling comfortable and growing

However, it is not only about achieving the best possible results for our customers, but also about creating a place where our employees can feel comfortable and grow. 

As a company, we have a strong sense of togetherness and as a result, it is very important to us to offer our employees an environment where everyone feels accepted, understood and appreciated. We place a high value on allowing ideas to be shared without restriction and respecting them.  

The diversity of different nationalities goes hand in hand with the diversity of languages. Therefore, at neylux we speak English as the company language, so that everyone can communicate without barriers and thus also increase their intercultural awareness.  



Average age (incl. working students)

Equity on all levels

In addition, everyone at neylux has the same opportunities and possibilities to contribute and develop individually.

Equal pay is, of course, part of the equal rights practiced in the company. Salaries are based solely on the skills, experience, performance and qualifications of the individual.

Our benefits support our goal of equal rights. The high degree of flexibility we offer with regard to work arrangements helps mothers and parents in particular to reconcile work and family life. Here, for example, we offer alternative working models as well as allowances.

Liudmila Zatylkina – COO at neylux

„I can speak from my own experience that at neylux we do not differentiate by gender, age, nationality or anything else. For us, only your person with your qualifications and skills counts. That is the secret of our success.“

But the road to equality, diversity and inclusion in our society and at neylux is not over yet. We are open to learn more every day and strive to use all our possibilities to get closer to the goal step by step.

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