The internal Workcation request process – an example from an expert

Feb 20, 2023 | neylux, neylux, SAP Concur, SAP Concur, Travel & Expense Tools, Travel & Expense Tools

In Part 1 of our Workcation series we addressed the concept of Workcation as well as the benefits for both employer and employees.
In this post we want to focus on the question, how to deal with legal and fiscal aspects and show you an example about how companies can implement a process that covers the topic Workcation.

You probably know this from when going on business trips – when employees work from another country, there are taxes, laws and insurances involved. And what makes it even more complex, these implications vary depending on the country the employees travel to.
In addition to this, there are further aspects to consider like personnel data protection (especially in the EU).

With SAP Concur combined with neylux’ solutions, this process can be simplified and automated as much as possible which leaves each department involved with minimal effort.

Depending on the location of your company, the requirements and the country the employee desires to travel to, the process looks different.
We at neylux have set up a standard approval for EU/eEA + Switzerland for a certain amount of days per year.


Within this frame, requests are handled like this:



    1. neylux Connector for Concur retrieves request data (also booking data is possible) of a certain status and then stores data in SAP.
    2. In our case SAP HCM is in use and the SAP Concur raw data is then drafted for A1-Creation in SAP HCM. The traveler receives an email, which encourages to finalize the A1-Request in the neylux A1-Manager App. After release of the request, A1-Notification is being requested at the social security and send back to the traveler.
    3. In some special cases our visa provider (as an outsourced service) requests PWD or Visa. For this purpose we use neylux Connector for Visa Provider. This neylux product collects the trip data from SAP Concur and some personnel master data stored in SAP and transfers it to the visa provider. neylux delivers connectors for several providers, which ensure a secure and safe data transmission.

How exactly does the request process look like in use?



    1. The traveling employee requests the Workcation with Concur Request which is automatically being sent to the respective supervisor for approval/rejection.
    2. Once approved, the documents needed for traveling are automatically being requested, created and eventually sent to the traveler.

The protection of personnel data is an important issue as it is regulated by GDPR. With our solution the data is automatically being pulled from SAP Concur and processed in parallel steps to ensure the correct request for each different request type, country or user group. This way, the personnel data is protected and handled confidentially.


Find all information at a glance in our OnePager.


Requests outside this frame are checked depending on the individual case. Nevertheless with these tools and integration, this process can be automated as much as possible and covers the majority of Workcation cases within neylux. Depending on the requirements of the individual company, this of course can vary.


We practice what we preach – as you can see, not only does neylux help other companies digitizing their processes but we also have these implemented ourself. In Part 3 you’ll find out our experiences with this setup, plus some helpful tips from the expert.


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