SAP MOVE Workshop

Oct 25, 2022 | Customer Projects, Travel Management

Then finally! An official MOVE workshop – requested by SAP Concur, conducted by neylux.

To give you an understanding of the topic, let’s take a look at a transformation project recently conducted at one of our customers:
The customer is at the beginning of the journey towards S/4HANA while continuing to use SAP ERP for SAP Payroll and rebuilding all other processes, such as Travel Management. A complicated construct that initially raises a lot of questions:

How does the connection to the existing SAP system work and then possibly the switch to S/4HANA?
What is the overall SAP strategy on the subject and how can we map our individual processes in Concur?
What about the ongoing operations?
What resources and to what extent do they need to be made available for the implementation?
The customer is concerned with the complexity around the architecture and the right timing when there is also a major project for implementation or migration to S/4HANA in the company.

We are very familiar with the questions and pain points of customers around the transition. This is exactly where we can use our experience in the SAP environment and our know-how around SAP Concur to show the SAP customer all aspects and discuss them individually.

In the MOVE workshop, we analyze your individual starting situation and expectations and work out possible next steps. All important aspects of such a change are discussed as well as the effects on internal processes and workflows. Thanks to our many years of experience, you can benefit from our proven procedures for such transformation projects.

In this workshop with our SAP customer, we were able to concretely show the system landscape as well as necessary interfaces, then create a project plan and explain important milestones. Last but not least, the next steps were defined and further procedures were planned.

In conclusion, we can say that after such a long time, it was very nice to meet the company and the people involved personally and to conduct the workshop directly in the company.
Especially because of the positive feedback to the event, we are looking forward to further workshops to present the topic SAP Concur in a practical way and in the language of the customer.

neylux is one of the few partners who consult and implement SAP Travel Management as well as SAP Concur. Feel free to contact us to learn how the MOVE Workshop can also simplify your transition: contact@neylux.com

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