Mobility budget – the flexible and sustainable solution

Oct 25, 2022 | SAP Concur, Travel & Expense Tools

Mobility budgets are an innovative and sustainable alternative to mobility services currently prevalent in companies.
Especially nowadays, sustainable concepts are in demand and nothing new. Employees demand it and want to realize their personal goals and ideological thoughts with it.

With a mobility budget, e.g. as an alternative (or supplement) to the company car, employees can flexibly decide which means of transport they use privately and thus achieve both personal and corporate sustainability goals.

As an alternative to the company car, there are a variety of offers, e.g. public transport, the train, cab (Uber), car sharing, bikesharing, e-scooters, shuttle pooling (Muva in Berlin or Moia in Hamburg for example) or even bicycle repair services.

How does the mobility budget work?
Employees are given a fixed budget (monthly or annual) and can “travel” as much as they want. The receipts are entered into SAP Concur and SAP Concur Budget collects the expenses. Using SAP Concur’s budget analysis tools, employees can always check how much budget is left. This is a truly innovative and simple solution to protect the climate and increase employee satisfaction and motivation. Business trips are of course billed separately as usual. And also the taxation of expenses (if necessary) is controlled as usual via SAP Concur, employees do not need to worry about this.


What tools are needed to efficiently use the mobility budget?
SAP Concur Budget makes mobility budgeting quick and easy to implement, enabling rapid deployment across your organization. Concur Expense is required for implementation. Expenselt (mobile solution) is recommended for mobile and convenient receipt capture.
The advantage is, in most cases Concur Expense is already implemented in the company and is therefore already available.

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