Digitization doesn’t only mean photocopying documents

Sep 25, 2017 | Travel & Expense Tools

Travel Management tools today offer many ways to store and process digitized documents. However, this often does not mean that the original documents can be completely disregarded.

The tax legislation in some countries lays down the formal framework and calls for special procedures and procedural documentation. Many of our customers want to digitize the travel costs process even further. This is not the case when using apps with a photo function. The financial authorities only allow such processes with apps and decentralized scanning if certain conditions regarding the process documentation are met.

To combine the legal framework with the process and tool design, neylux works with its trusty partner – PSP GmbH. The company PSP GmbH www.psp.eu is also the first choice among some of the tool providers to advise the companies optimally and to advance the goal of full-digitization.

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