About us

Familial working atmosphere & flat hierarchies

Our family-like company atmosphere means that every voice is heard and everyone has the opportunity to individually contribute to the company. We talk to each other at eye level and prefer direct communication rather than long emails.

International environment

As a global consulting firm, we promote the development of our employees, also in regard to linguistic and intercultural aspects. Therefore, we support every employee who would like to work abroad or at one of our international locations for a specified period of time. We are growing rapidly internationally, which offers an exciting work environment and opportunities for everyone.

Mission Driven

We believe in digitalization and its efficiency. For this reason, we have made it our mission to further streamline processes with the help of digital solutions and thus minimize the ecological footprint. We rely on cloud solutions and modern IT tools with which we create innovative approaches to solutions.

Progress & Development

We support change and progress of all kinds, which means that ideas and initiatives are always welcome. Personal development also receives support from us at all times. Our small teams enable us to offer our employees individual career paths in which strengths are recognized and promoted.

Team spirit

Consulting is teamwork. The diversity of our employees and their individual qualities enable us to deliver top performance as a team. This is why we respect each individual with their own personal views.

Experimenting & Learning

As an innovative digitalization consulting firm, we like to question the status quo and push boundaries. Trying out and testing new approaches is part of our everyday work.

Striving for excellence

We enjoy taking on new challenges and are willing to take risks in order to achieve outstanding results. In doing so, we never forget our responsibility to our customers. We are only satisfied when we have been able to satisfy our customers with sustainable results.


Flexibility & efficiency are what set us apart. We do not believe in rigid, systematic working conditions. That’s why we maintain a hybrid work model and give each employee freedom in how they perform their work. Remote working is part of everyday life for us.

Passion & Fun

We enjoy our work; our customers notice that too. Our passion for what we do means that we always achieve creative and high-quality results. Our good mood often transfers to our customers as well. This creates a cooperative and respectful working atmosphere in which fun is not neglected.

How our employees experience neylux

“I started at neylux right after graduating from university. Since day one I was able to participate in the company as well as continuously develop myself. The changing, varied and exciting tasks keep everyday work interesting and challenge you again and again!”

Travel Management Consultant


“A highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate team of intellects achieving great success together defines neylux. A flexible work environment with ample opportunities to explore and grow makes it a perfect place to work.”

Development Consultant in Business Travel Management


“Every effort is made to ensure that everyone feels comfortable at work. The technical equipment is of top quality and it is simply fun to work with.”

Travel Management Consultant


“Amazing working environment, working flexibility and very interesting projects. Working at neylux has made me grow in my personal and professional life.”

Business Travel and Expense Management Consultant

Open Positions


Working Student / Thesis

Gain valuable experience as a working student or graduate in the course of your study program. At neylux, we support you in your individual development and supply you with the resources you need for your thesis and a successful entry into work life.


Associate Business Consultant / Associate IT Consultant 

After your graduation, neylux offers numerous possibilities for an individual way into work life, as well as for further development in a forward-thinking environment. With our experienced consultants, a steep learning-curve is guaranteed.

Young Professionals

Business Consultant / IT Consultant

As a young professional, you’ll have the opportunity to shoulder first project responsibilities and purposefully expand your professional and personal competences. Career changers and candidates with comparable training can also become part of our versatile team.


Senior Business Consultant / Senior IT Architect 

As a future-oriented consulting firm, neylux offers professionals solid work-experience with exciting and challenging projects as well as product developments. Thanks to our agile work culture, work and private life can be flexibly organized.


Application process

Q: How can I apply?
A: An application is possible over our homepage or with an email to work@neylux.com.

Q: How does the application process take place?
A: We subject your application to a thorough check and try to get back to you as fast as possible. If positive, you can expect an interview via telephone, before being invited to a personal interview in one of our offices or via video conference.

Q: Do I receive feedback, if my application wasn’t successful?
A: Yes, after any decision for or against an application, you’ll receive a response from our HR-team.

Q: Can I apply for multiple positions at the same time?
A: You are very welcome to apply for different positions in parallel. For that, it is recommended to compose the application for one position and to refer in the cover letter to other positions. Your application is of course checked for each position separately.

Application documents

Q: Which documents do I have to hand in for the application?
A: In general, we expect a cover letter, a CV and further attachments, like certificates.

Q: What is expected from the application documents?
A: They should be submitted complete with contact information and a chronological CV in PDF-format.

Applying proactively

Q: Can I apply proactively?
A: Such an application is possible at any time to work@neylux.com. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Xing to be informed in time about any new open positions.

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