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Jun 21, 2022 | Customer Projects, SAP Concur, Travel Management

How do you make sure your employees have all the legal documents for a business trip?

Sending your employees on a business trip in compliance with the law can be a nerve-wracking process with many questions. That’s because there are indeed a few things to consider:

Is an A1 certificate required? Or what about EU registration? And will the required documents arrive before the trip?

These questions are familiar to us and our customers. We recently successfully solved the problem of lack of transparency for one of our customers by implementing Concur Request and the neylux Compliance Manager.

neylux Compliance Manager

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This integration of business processes provides our customer with a fully automated process for requesting A1 certificates, EU declarations and visas. Here, the neylux Compliance Manager establishes the connection between Concur Request and the service provider.

Through the intelligent structuring of the request interface, the service provider recognizes which documents are required for travel requests (including multistops). These are then automatically transferred to the provider in the appropriate order and triggered.

The combination of the two tools can ensure that corporate travel policies and budgets are adhered to for travel requests, as well as that the traveler has all the required documents available during the trip to be legally compliant and safe on the road.

What if travel plans change?

Changes or cancellations to travel requests are also automatically forwarded to the service provider for implementation.

Do you have questions about this integration? Then feel free to contact us.


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