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neylux solutions help power global Spend Management

Our solutions are being used daily all around the world. No matter where your company is located, with the travel & expense management consulting of neylux, you will become faster and more efficient.








Mexico city



We are Travel & Expense Management

And have been for many years. In the process, we ideally connect the areas of business & travel. One of the reasons, why our customers greatly profit from our services. Our know-how in SAP software and many other tools is unparalleled.

Travel & Expense Management in all its Details

We know that this complex process concerns human resource management, finance and many other fields. We see travel & expense management not merely as a separate and less interesting byproduct, but as an integral and very important part of any company that sends its employees on travels.


Our Management



Henner Fleischmann

Founder / Managing Director


Graduated as an industrial engineer, Henner Fleischmann is the founder/managing director of neylux GmbH and the technical architect with regard to products, development and interfaces.

He started his career at KPMG Consulting, followed by freelance work between 2003 and 2016 in the field of SAP travel management.

Siegfried Krause

Founder / Managing Director


Graduated economist Siegfried Krause is the founder/managing director of neylux GmbH and in charge of business consulting and development.

During his time at SAP, he worked in different positions in the field of travel management. Between 2009 and 2016 he was active as a self-employed SAP consultant.

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